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Rolex's current position as the undisputed leader in fine watchmaking is actually built on two things: the timeless design of its core products, and the overall versatility of the products it produces. For the most part, almost all models in the brand's portfolio do double duty with ease - robust enough to be used as your everyday watch, elegant enough to be worn with almost any outfit. Submariner, Sea-Dweller and (to a lesser extent) Deepsea all embody the "watch-anywhere" quality of the brand's dive replica watches. The Rolex Submariner replica was the first to be introduced, starting in 1953, and was officially launched the following year. Although it was not the earliest example of the sometimes touted modern dive watch (the debate for this honor will go on forever, but the most likely contender remains the Blancpain Fiftyift, which was launched only a few months earlier). It is, however, the first to be rated as water-resistant to 100 meters.

116610 LV Rolex Submariner Mens Automatic Green Dial

A New Twist

Shockingly, Rolex discontinued the green Submariner 116610LV in 2020. this was predicted by many last year and even in 2018, but it still hasn't happened. There were rumors that the model had been discontinued at Baselworld for the past few years, so the gray market price for the model has skyrocketed, and I think if it is discontinued this year, the price will go up further. I'm glad I purchased mine before the Baselworld show in 2018. As regular readers know, I don't buy Rolex replica watches as an investment, but it's nice to know you can buy it, enjoy it and sell it at a higher price than if you bought it a few years later. So here is our first prediction, I am pretty sure Rolex will discontinue the 116610LV in 2020. I think the Rolex Submariner replica 116610LV will get the same treatment as the Rolex GMT Master II 116710 BLNR and will be re-released via the Jubilee bracelet, I know the Jubilee addition is primarily aimed at the GMT Master, but I just have this gut feeling that Rolex might surprise us and slap a Jubilee bracelet on the Green Rolex Submariner replica as a new reference, so who knows? We found images of the Rolex Submariner replica on the Jubilee, what are your thoughts on that? Having said that, say another option besides the aforementioned Jubilee bracelet might be an update to the Rolex Oyster bracelet, I'm not sure what they could do with this bracelet to bring it up to date as it works quite well with solid replica watches with central link updates and glidelock systems. But that's just my gut feeling, rest assured there will be something new with the Rolex Submariner bracelet, be it the jubilee bracelet, the updated oyster bracelet, or even the oysterflex bracelet for divers. In addition to the new bracelet on the Rolex Submariner, there will definitely be a new movement on the Rolex Submariner that may have and extended power reserve. The current Rolex Submariner replica caliber 3135 has a 48 hour power reserve. I think Rolex's next offering will be an upgrade in the 72 hour power range to become the 3135. brands like Panerai already offer this power reserve on their movements, so it is well within Rolex's capabilities and would be a welcome update would give the Rolex Submariner replica an extra full day of energy.

Summing Up

The Rolex Submariner replica is a timeless watch with an iconic history and a remarkable ability to retain its value over the years, despite its everyday wear and use. Many collectors consider the Submariner a "Holy Grail" piece to add to their collection, as it is revered by the watchmaking community and sought after by other enthusiasts. While various materials and colors have appeared in the Rolex Submariner replica collection over the years, Rolex's iconic dive replica watches have remained a consistent and timeless design. It is often said that every dive watch in existence today is in some way influenced by the Rolex Submariner replica. The Rolex Submariner has been popular since 1953, and prices have risen steadily over the last century. Today, the Rolex Submariner replica is one of the most popular and sought-after replica watches in the world, and that is not going to change anytime soon. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a Rolex, then the Rolex Submariner replica is one of the best choices you could possibly make.

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